The ideal start for your orchids

The ideal plug for propagating

The Xcellent Plug® is the best plug for propagating orchids. The plug is made in one piece, so the plant and plug can quickly fuse together. The basis of the plug is an airy substrate with a balanced mix of raw materials. The Xcellent Plug® will therefore ensure optimal growth results. When used with phalaenop

Xcellent Plug

Xcellent Horse-Shoe plug®


Xcellent Xigar plug®

Water and air can easily reach the roots

There are three versions of the Xcellent Plug® available: the Xcellent Horseshoe Plug®, the Xcellent Xigar Plug® and the Xcellent 6cm pot®. The unique, centrally positioned planting hole gets cuttings off to a flying start. The lengthwise hole in the plug makes transplanting the cuttings quick and easy. The risk of root damage is also minimised. The plug’s composition ensures that water and air reach the roots easily.

Faster and more efficient

You can work faster and more efficiently with the Xcellent Plug®. Planting in the plug is easy. In addition, the plug will ensure uniform growth of your valuable lab plants. Order the Xcellent Plug® loose per box or crate. If required, empty trays can also be supplied with your order.

Xcellent Plug®

Xcellent 6cm pot®

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